31 May 2021

Boiled egg and the hedgehog

I put half a boiled egg out for the hedgehog and he arrived again on 10th April 2021 at mid-morning to eat it up. 

I then worried about him turning up in daylight and after contacting the rescue centre again I decided to stop leaving food out in the morning and only leave it out in the evening, and to get some dog or cat food for it!!

Here is a photo of the hedgehog enjoying the boiled egg in case the video does not work.

27 May 2021

Surprise visitor a few days later

Well, here it is again at roughly the same a few days later, 9th April 2021.  I know they were not supposed to be about during the day.  It looked really healthy and was snuffling about looking for food I expect. 

As it was the second time, we had seen it, I rang a local hedgehog rescue centre and they said as long as it looked active it was ok and had just woken up and was looking for food.  They suggested putting some grated cheese or a boiled egg out for it.   

14 May 2021

Surprise Visitor

 I am not sure which of the blog titles this comes under, but it was so exciting I just had to add it. 

On the 5 April 2021, I had a visitor in my garden.  My little great niece was staying with me and she noticed this little visitor at about 11.30 in the morning.  It was so exciting but I didn't think much about it as I did not expect to see it again.