04 August 2021

Strachur Church

We travelled north along the edge of Loch Eck to find another cache at Strachur. We had to find a red phone box and find the cache in it, we failed.  I could not get a signal on my phone so could not look for clues or hints on the caching app. either.


Just a few hundred yards further on down the hill we saw the village church and decided to go to have a look.

Unfortunately it was closed, but the views and wonderfully sculptured grave slabs in the outer walls of the church, some of which date back to the Medieval period, were something to see.




  1. Hari OM
    I love that you got different shots to mine - it was a pretty wee place and such a pity we couldn't see inside for ourselves... YAM xx

  2. How annoying not to be able to get inside and no geocache either. But lovely photos

  3. Those old grave slabs seem somehow much more personal than that architectural looking more recent (dare i say) monstrosity. You would think a red phone box would be easy to find, and you'd expect phone boxes to be in obvious and accessible places.

    1. We did find the phone box but then we had to find the cache inside it. They can be pretty small and as phone boxes are hardly used nowadays it was full of cobwebs and I didn't like putting my fingers in little gaps etc. (hehe)