20 June 2022

Garden Wildlife 2

As I have mentioned before I have a lot of birds and wildlife to entertain me in my garden.  Here are a few more photos and films.

A female blackbird or maybe a thrush

Horrible noisy and greedy crows or rooks.


  1. Hari OM
    Oh the finches are fun - but crows are characters and are worth befriending... and yes, female blackbird up top! YAM xx

  2. We love crows (all corvids, even sneaky, aggressive magpies) and Mr B throws a handful of cheap cat biscuits on the lawn every day to keep them away from other (in our case hanging) bird feeders. Our crows have been good allies in our battles with squirrels; strangely. xxx Mr T

  3. Maybe I am the only one that doesn't like the crows. I don't like the noise they make and they have regular fights/dancing on the flat roof of the utility and finally they get the hanging bird feeders too. So maybe I will try the cat food Mr B uses.