01 July 2022

Progress report on the raised bed

I last took a film of how the garden is progressing when I got back from Suffolk a couple of weeks ago.  The weather hasn't been that good this week so I have not been able to do much in the garden.  There was a dry spell a couple of hours ago so I went to take another film of the progress. 

I really must get a man in, to cut some of the boards for me and make up the other raised beds.  Also, more importantly, I must get some netting for the strawberries.

And this happened just a few minutes later:

I shall have to go out and empty the pots and trays again when it stops.😒

During my last visit to Dunoon, Yamini gave me a desk.  Here are all the bits out of its packaging ready to make up.

Here it is completed and in position.  I just need to get a chair so I can start doing my neighbourhood watch thing, (or being a nosey neighbour😀). 

Now back to the tennis.  Heather Watson has just won and is into the fourth round for the first time in her career. Cameron Norrie is on later and two more Brits in third-round matches tomorrow.  I wonder what the odds are for having four Brits in the second week of Wimbledon!!!


  1. Hari OM
    Oh my word - you took Dunoon weather back with you! Only we tend not to get thunder. Thunder needs warmth...

    The garden is thriving... and the desk looks good! YAM xx

    1. Lovely to have a catch up. And thank you very much for the desk it is perfect, fits the space just right.

  2. Good Grief - that's what you call proper Rain! Suffolk is still mostly dry as usual

    1. It certainly was, I am glad that Wimbledon isn't held up here either.

  3. how nice to live somewhere the garden waters itself if you go away:) Here if we leave the pots more than 12 hours everything is wilted and limp, 24 and we might as well write them off. It's looking good out therein your garden (and green).