01 August 2022

Birds, hedgehog, jam and cake

I have had the garden camera on, and over the last few months, there have been lots of photos and films of birds using the bath.  There must be about a dozen in this shot.

I like this film, especially after all but one flies off. It has its back to the rest and when it turns around, it seems to be saying 'where have you all gone?, what happened? Oh well, I can have a bath on my own.'  It's not that hot, about 10 degrees less.

But in the early hours of the morning, I got a couple of photos of a hedgehog.  I have not seen it since the end of May.  I did get a film too, but only its back, it was eating something, I think there were snails on the grass and he may have been eating one of them.

I made the Rhubarb and Orange Jam, as mentioned on Friday which is very tasty.

And also two Courgette Cakes.

I used the white courgette in it, as F and Mister T suggested last week. I had made one before and liked the taste, but was put off with the green bits.  I did not have quite enough of the white ones left as I had had some for tea a couple of nights before, so there is a little bit of green in them.

I've watched a lot of sport this weekend, cricket, the T20 England v South Africa, the Commonwealth Games lots of different sports there and so good to see that the Para events are included, and the UEFA Euros final last night.  I think the Women's Game is such a good advert for sport, the players and supporters are so much better behaved than the men and as an extension much better role models too.  As Ian Wright said last night, the men could learn a lesson from the women's game after this tournament.   


  1. Hari OM
    Lovely to see the birds taking their cooling off seriously - that may not be the actual temp but inside the camera it might be! You have been busy - I'm afraid the sport is keeping me from being very productive in any direction! I agree it is great to have the para events included as "par for course" and not held out seperately. YAM xx

    1. I have said before that the sun shines directly on the camera for most of the day so that is why the temp. is higher than it actually is. But saying that it has been raining for the last hour or so. I am trying not to put the Commonwealth Games on too early as like you I know I will not get anything done if I do.