05 August 2022

Edinburgh Waverley Station

To end the day in Edinburgh back in May I walked around the station looking for plaques to do a final multicache.  I do not always notice plaques, but when I do they often make very interesting reading, so I am glad that this multicache gave me the opportunity to find these in the station.

The first one was outside the station, I wouldn't have noticed this one about the booking office., if not for the geocache.  If I had gone inside the building, it's a pub now, I would have seen all the info that is on this website, including a photo of the building itself.

On the bridge across the station, they have these boards with quotes from Sir Walter Scott's first novel, 'Waverley'.  They were put up in in 2014, to mark 200 years since the publication of what is regarded as the western world's first historical novel. I shall see if I can borrow it from the library. 
The station is named after the novel. 

The War Memorial commemorates the 775 North British Railway Company workers who died in the First World War.  If you can, please try to enlarge the photo as it not only lists the names, their military rank but also their occupation in the railway. As well as the ones you would expect to see, driver, signalman, porter etc there is also a Townsman, a number taker, a horse boy and lots of different hotel workers.

Looking at the station you would never guess that there used to be a Physic Garden there. 


  1. Hari OM
    I am afraid there is no way to read those names from this image; just means we have to go there and pay respects in person! Plaques are ubiquitous and it is easy to overlook them, but then find gems like this when we take the time! YAM xx